80X112 Feet/ 2739 Square Meter Masjid Plan,


Masjid is very important in Islamic life and all Muslims. Its need of time to make new and comfortable place for their heart rest and worship so i try to gave an idea of a Masjid of 80×112 feet/ 2739 square meter. This Masjid plan has 60×30 feet hall, 60×14 feet Baramda and 60×46 feet wide Sehan for all kind of weather and wide Wuzukhna and many Washrooms.

80x112 Feet Masjid Plan,

Ground Floor Plan:

By Size By Square Feet By Square Meter Masjid Hall Masjid Baramda Masjid Sehan Wuzu khana Washroom
80×112 8960 2739 60×30 60×14 60×46 9.3×28.9 8

80x112 Feet Masjid Ground Floor Plan,


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