145×145 Feet /1953 Square Meter Masjid Plan,


Masjid is the home of Almighty Allah, and Allah makes a home in Jannah who make his home in this world. We try our best to make built a beautiful home for our self and when we want to make a home of Allah then our deeply wish to build a unique and graceful piece of beauty. So all my beloved Muslims I try to gave an idea of a beautiful Masjid and I think you all will like it. It has a wide hall with beautiful and shiny Dome and Big Tower (Minar). 525 to 550 Muslim can say their prayer in one tome and also have wash place and also wash rooms. Its big plan but if anyone want to built small size then can adjust it easily or please tell us we will help you in this matter.

145x145 Feet Msjid Plan,

Masjid Floor Plan:

By Size By Square Feet By Square Meter Hall Size Prayers Line Numbers Of Prayer Place Face wash Place Wash and Bathrooms Dome & Tower Open Area & Lawn
145×145 21025 1953 69×69 15 525 16 to 20 6 1,1 1

 145x145 Feet Masjid Floor Plan,

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